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We knew from experience that the mainstream devices for personalized, at-home recovery treatment were too expensive, and had many design flaws that hindered their effectiveness.

So we teamed up with engineers, designers, and manufacturers to create revolutionary devices that wouldn’t break the bank. We've been testing & developing prototypes for nearly 2 years on professional athletes, neuromuscular therapists, & more.

Our Founder, King Holder, says “One of the main reasons I started the brand was to help my dad, who has really bad back spasms and back tightness - but he doesn’t have the resources to get some fancy recovery program or expensive device. And from my experience, I know he’s not alone.”

When Holder played Division 1 college football for San Diego State as a cornerback, he appeared in 40 straight games for the Aztecs, recorded over 100 tackles, and won a Mountain West Conference Championship title -- all while playing through two torn labrums in the shoulder, a fractured wrist, and patellar tendinitis. He says his new creations have saved his own body, and he's determined to do the same for every single person that trusts PROCUSSION with their recovery. 


I can't tell you how grateful I am for you even stopping by to learn about our company -- so I hope a simple thank you will suffice. As a former D1 football athlete, I've had countless sprains, tears, breaks, fractures, and surgeries throughout the years. I may have started this company with my dad's back pain in mind, but percussive therapy has also saved my own life. It has eliminated post-surgery pain, energizes my mornings, improves my sleep, and so much more -- and I couldn't be more excited to share products that I'm confident will truly improve your life as well.

Feel free to drop me a line ( -- I'd love to hear from you!

"An oz. of care prevents a ton of pain."

- King Holder



We're committed to providing the highest possible level of care. Our brand was started with family in mind, so we strive to treat you just like family, too. We go above and beyond in every single interaction because you deserve it.


We work hand-in-hand with engineers and product design specialists to ensure that every device is crafted with exceptional quality. We offer a 12-month Warranty on all products so you can shop with confidence.


We know that nothing is possible without the support of people from every walk of life, all around the globe. We're devoted to developing underserved communities through