As an experienced stretch therapist and sports performance trainer, King Holder applies specialized stretching techniques on many Hollywood celebrities and professional athletes. After working on more than 2,000 different bodies, he knew the mainstream devices for personalized, at-home recovery treatment were too expensive for the average person, and had many design flaws that hindered their effectiveness.

So Holder teamed up with engineers, designers, and manufacturers to create a better product that wouldn’t break the bank. He has been developing the company (www.procussionrecovery.com) and testing prototypes for nearly a year on professional athletes, neuromuscular therapists, & more.

Now, PROCUSSION has launched its flagship product – the PULSE Vibrating Massage Ball. The PULSE relaxes, relieves, and recharges your body by creating it's own unique combination of deep tissue massage & trigger point therapy. Deep tissue massage improves circulation, pliability of muscles, and mobility of joints -- while scientifically calibrated vibration helps to eliminate aches and pains by reducing the amount of pain signals that are sent to your central nervous system. 

Similar products are bulkier and have an outer shell made of hard plastic that can be uncomfortable, particularly when rolled over bones or under the back. The PULSE is a waterproof device surrounded by eco-friendly silicon edges, so your muscles can absorb the pressure more effectively.And the price is significantly lower than competitors.“There came a point where I realized there had to be a better way” said Holder. “One of the main reasons I started the brand was to help my dad, who has really bad back spasms and back tightness - but he doesn’t have the resources to get some fancy recovery program or expensive device. And from my experience, I know he’s not alone.”

When Holder played Division I college football for San Diego State as a cornerback, the Aztecs went to four straight bowl games and won the Mountain West Conference championship. He appeared in 40 straight games and recorder over 100 tackles, all while playing through two torn labrums. He says his new creation has also saved his own body.After college, Holder was introduced to rugby and chosen by the U.S. Olympic Committee to participate in the NBC Sports special, “The Next Olympic Hopeful.” During the event, he competed with 100 top athletes for a spot at the U.S. national team training camps.

Thanks to Holder’s relationships in the sports world, the PULSE already is being used by more than 250 players in the NFL, MLB, NBA, MLS, and Olympic teams.

The company also has partnered with sports agencies to provide their athletes with cutting-edge recovery devices.
His father had spent decades providing for them by working long hours (sometimes as early as 3am), and all of that manual labor had truly caught up with his body. Based on the pain symptoms, the son knew that a combination of stretching and percussive therapy would be the best solution to eliminate the pain -- but the leading percussive massage devices ranged from $350-$600! He knew that the average person shouldn't be priced-out from feeling amazing, so he got to work.

That son went on to team up with engineers, product designers, & manufacturers to create something better -- and PROCUSSION was born. 


I can't tell you how grateful I am for you even stopping by to learn about our company -- so I hope a simple thank you will suffice. As a former D1 football athlete, I've had countless sprains, tears, breaks, fractures, and surgeries throughout the years. I may have started this company with my dad's back pain in mind, but percussive therapy has also saved my own life. It has eliminated post-surgery pain, energizes my mornings, improves my sleep, and so much more -- and I couldn't be more excited to share products that I'm confident will truly improve your life as well.

Feel free to drop me a line (king@procussionrecovery.com) -- I'd love to hear from you!

"An oz. of care prevents a ton of pain."

- King Holder



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