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PROCUSSION Announced As The
Official Recovery partner of SAT Soccer

Press Release \\ May 1st, 2021

Soccer is not just a sport for SAT Soccer founder Ethan Hanson.

It is a vehicle through which people all around the world have challenged themselves on the field and learn valuable life lessons through everyday practice and games.

A former professional player turned elite soccer coach and entrepreneur, Hanson is a dedicated soccer enthusiast who formed SAT Soccer to “benefit millions of future soccer stars” by providing elite-level sessions for soccer players.

Ethan Hanson (Founder of SAT Soccer) and
Will Trapp (US Men's National Team Captain)

Born and raised in Miami, Florida, Hanson’s passion for the game started when he first kicked a ball at age 3.As a player, Hanson rose from being a top high school athlete to representing his country at the under-20s level as well as German side SC Freiburg.

Although he did not have sustained success as a top-level player, Hanson’s enthusiasm for the game was maintained through his burning desire to improve professional soccer players around him. For Hanson, it is all about small margins… “Making a player get that 1% better means a lot to me and I take pride in that.”

Hanson’s creation – SAT Soccer – offers two core programs (i) College Training and (ii) Elite Player Training. Within these holistic training programs, all bases are covered including position-specific training, fitness and injury prevention, and most important pre-hab and rehab.

To integrate high-quality recovery sessions into the SAT Soccer programs, the company has recently partnered with PROCUSSION. With the partnership, Hanson identifies both the quality of the PULSE recovery product and the brand’s professionalism as key.

A keen daily user of the PULSE ball himself, Hanson uses it “every morning…finding amazing benefits…much stronger than a foam roller.” His daily recovery routine involves 15 minutes with bands and a roll-out using the PULSE ball targeting the sore spots.

Ethan Hanson &

Hanson’s ethos is to “always keep working hard even when it looks impossible,” stressing that player development and improvement is “not a rabbit race.”

Taking a similar approach, SAT Soccer as a company encourages players to take time to focus on their improvement and to use career setbacks as motivation for hard work.

The ethos of hard work was instilled by Hanson’s parents, who have always been supportive of his passion and pathway in the game. They also provided a guiding voice for his career decisions in the game. 

Jay Sutaria & NBA Champion Dwight Howard

SAT Soccer also wants to ensure that soccer training brings out the passion for the game among players as well as career guidance. Hanson has a clear business goal of attracting more professional soccer players to join his SAT Soccer program. Hanson and his team of five elite coaches at SAT Soccer already boast an impressive list of professional players they have worked with, including Rodolfo Pizzaro, Aaron Leyska, Cameron Carter-Vickers, Lewis Morgan and Roman Torres.

There is no doubt that PROCUSSION’s partnership with SAT Soccer provides fantastic opportunities for more professional soccer players to be using the PULSE ball during their recovery sessions. This combined with SAT Soccer’s ethos of passion for the game, improvement and hard work, brings hope for a flourishing long-term partnership.

Ethan Hanson

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