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5-minute routines for
a better life

learn how to FEEL BETTER & MOVE BETTER in just 5 minutes a day

Enhance athletic performance
& prevent injuries

Improve ROM of muscles & joints. Unlock your freedom of movement

Recharge your body & mind

Sleep better at night and rise easily in the mornings

innovative library of videos updated weekly

Taught by professionals

 Step-by-step instructional videos taught by world-class trainers, therapists, and athletes. You'll learn how to use a combination of recovery devices, dynamic movements, and stretching in order to help you feel better than ever. Best of all, it's totally FREE for a limited time!

what the people are saying

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Walter N.


"Never felt better. After performing the 5-minute movement routines and using the PULSE ball, my back pain from long hours in the office has drastically reduced after the FIRST SESSION! This is going to be huge when released." 

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Tony S.

Personal Trainer

"Amazing program that I now recommend to my personal training clients to easily take care of their bodies at home. Cannot believe this will be free, thanks for giving me early access!"

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Emma G.


"Wasn't sure I would feel anything because I'm so flexible, but boy was I wrong. They show modifications of each stretch so it's perfect no matter what your skill level is."