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STF Has Partnered with PROCUSSION To Supply World-Class Recovery Devices To Their Athletes

Press Release \\ March 21, 2021

Train like an athlete, work like a pro, and always give 100 percent effort. That's what we believe here at PROCUSSION — and we strive to partner with professionals who believe the same. And just as PULSE Massage Ball pairs perfectly with your recovery routine, the newly formed partnership of PROCUSSION and STF (Sutaria Training & Fitness) is a match made in heaven.

Jay Sutaria (Founder) and
Daniel Kissoon (Director of Performance)

STF is Houston’s most private training facility.
Founded by Jay Sutaria (and jointly operated in collaboration with Daniel Kissoon, Director of Performance), this performance facility has become a haven for elite athletes and weekend warriors alike. The key? Their passion unmatched.

After Sutaria realized that Kissoon held the same vision for helping athletes become the best in the world, he made the decision to begin creating a pathway for Kissoon to become a managing partner. These two now face all day-to-day challenges together, including developing programs, training interns, holding meetings, and maintaining business relationships.

Although the exclusive private training facility made its debut just two weeks before the pandemic caused closings all over Texas, they didn’t let the worldwide setback hinder them in pursuit of their vision — providing high-quality, elite training to athletes all across the nation.

"It requires long hours away from your family, dedication, and persistence in creating a brand and culture. It’s humbling and encouraging to be able to look back and say that we officially made it through our first year, pandemic and all.”

Sutaria and STF hope to open more locations in Dallas, Orlando, and Atlanta soon.

Jay Sutaria & Super Bowl Champion Emmanuel Sanders

Sutaria knew he had the strength and conditioning aspects covered, but he was well aware that an athlete can't reach their full potential if they aren't also focusing on their recovery, mobility, and injury prevention.

Sutaria says, "We wanted a recovery partner who valued their product as much as we value our training and clients. With such a saturated market, when I saw the PULSE by PROCUSSION, I knew it would be a hit. I immediately reached out and introduced myself. The rest is history.” 

When asked about the partnership, King Holder (Founder of PROCUSSION) says, "We really connected with Jay and his team at STF because we have a similar vision. They're focused solely on how to bring as much value to their clients & athletes as possible, and thats also our #1 focus at PROCUSSION. Jay has created something really special and authentic with STF, and I'm excited to grow our partnership long into the future."

PROCUSSION is planning for STF to be one of the first facilities in the country to beta test the SURGE Massage Gun, an innovative new device that will be revealed in Summer 2021.

Jay Sutaria & NBA Champion Dwight Howard

Sutaria had an athletic background in baseball and basketball, which came to a 5-year halt due to a bulging disc in his lower back. He now uses the hindsight of what he learned in his career to help others achieve optimal health and performance.

“Now I can tell clients that come in with lower back pain - I fixed myself, so I’m confident that I can fix you. Just like I try to learn from every person I meet, I try to learn from every situation I go through.”

From fixing injuries to improving performance, his client's gratification drives him to be the best trainer he could be. He also continues to train himself as he would any of his athletes.

“The gratification keeps me going — both when they can feel their body improving during our session and when they tell me they can finally run around with their grandson or are playing better defense due to all of the training. And to perform my best to help them get to their best, I keep myself training at their level. If I can’t demonstrate an exercise with proper form or grind with our athletes, I shouldn’t be coaching them.”

Jay Sutaria & Super Bowl Champion Tyrann Mathieu

How PULSE is incorporated at STF:
Sutaria says one of the great things about The PULSE is that it's an easy-to-use tool for his athletes to have when they're on the road, and he's not around to help get the kinks out.

Not only does Sutaria use The PULSE with his athletes and members, he also uses it to recover his own body.

“As someone who trains pretty hard 6 days per week, I can feel increase tightness in my traps, rhomboids, glutes, and piriformis—and that's where the PULSE comes in. I love that I can feel good and release tight areas within seconds — it saves me time and allows me to get right into my workout or help others get into theirs."

Sutaria & Kissoon hope to continue helping professional athletes perform at their best, and to improve the lives of everyone around them. 

"When watching the same athlete we work with perform on the hardwood or the gridiron, it's a beautiful thing. I also honestly believe that when you focus on making your family, closest friends, and business partners happy, the rest will fall into place."

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