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No stranger to competing in high-pressure, competitive situations, Marvin Kimble, aka Marvo, thrives when the going gets tough.

Born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Marvo got introduced to gymnastics much later than most of his peers, at the age of 9, shortly after his father’s death. And coming from a close-knit family, Marvin took that anger and missing his father and channeled it into working hard on the mat and on his specialty—the pommel horse.

As the years passed by, the anger turned into passion, with his family’s happiness driving him to continue to pursue success—a pursuit that hasn’t always been easy, including a few injuries that have held him back from competing.

And in those moments, he had felt lost—not being able to do what he loved. He even felt like he was letting his family and team down. 

However, from the very beginning of his gymnastics career, Marvin continued to fight for every accolade he has achieved, bringing him from the first time he was called for an international competition to when he made the World Team, one of the proudest moments in his life. Marvin has then gone on to compete on the World Championships Team and become a Winter Cup, Pan American Games, and US medalist.

And although he skipped college to train for the Olympics, his career in gymnastics taught him the most important lesson of all: resilience, which is what has fueled his journey in becoming the athlete he is today. This lesson, along with the message he would tell his 9-year-old self, paved his way to success: “Be yourself. Don’t let anyone steer you off course of your goals.”

Hopeful to follow in the footsteps of his hero, Paul Hamm, Olympic all-around champion, three-time Olympic medalist, and World all-around champion, Marvin’s long-time goal is to medal at the Olympics.

And for that, he needs quite a lot—training, nutrition, dedication, etc—but most importantly, an effective recovery routine to help give it his all in his next training.


For Marvin, recovery begins with an entire practice devoted to rejuvenating his muscles, flexibility, and joint range of motion.

A quick look at his recovery routine:
Start with a 15-minute roll-out with PULSE.
Stretch for 40 minutes, with focus on areas that need the most recovery.

A closer look at The PULSE in Marvin’s recovery routine:
“I mostly use it for those small areas around the shoulder and some hamstring work that a normal foam roller simply can’t get to."

I had been looking for something that can get into those tight areas and PROCUSSION met that need—so much so that not only did I jump right on board with PULSE, but I also became an ambassador, immediately.”

Marvin is working hard toward his Olympic dream, and that dream could finally become reality in Tokyo 2021.


  • 2020 Winter Cup Silver Medalist
  • 2018 Winter Cup Vault Champion
  • 2017 US Rings & High Bar Champion
  • 2015 Pan American Games Pommel Horse Champion

“Be yourself.
Don’t let anyone steer you off course of your goals.”


Want to recover like Marvin does?

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  • TriggNov 11, 2020

    I see you little cousin. Keep up the hard work. #Motivation

  • MiraNov 10, 2020

    Yezz Marvin Truly Blessed to have Accomplished so much. Love You

  • Gina DolanNov 10, 2020

    Congratulations Marvin!…..You’ve Got This!
    Much Love from Dubuque, Iowa! ❤️

  • Amara Lawson (Niecey)Nov 09, 2020


  • Amara Lawson (Niecey)Nov 09, 2020


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