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Being an elite athlete was never a certainty for current Team Canada Sprinter, Aiyanna Stiverne.

After an initial burst on the track when Stiverne competed in the 800 m as a child, she took a 5-year break due to lack of interest. However, her love for track and field was then reignited at the age of 16, with Stiverne finding her groove—and her feet—with the 400 m sprint.

Since the change in racing distance, cutting two laps into one, she’s left the starting line and never looked back.

From competing in district and college athletic events to transitioning to international competitions including a run-out at the World Championships at the Bird’s Nest Stadium in Beijing, Stiverne is an inspiration to those who may feel they've lost their way in a sport or like they may have fallen out of love with it. Tough times don't last, but tough people do.

Stiverne would say to her 13-year-old self, “There is no way to plan the future, so enjoy track and field and don’t be afraid to try new things.”

And with her switch in events, she eventually let that fear go. Her journey to Team Canada is a story of the power of dreams, a relentless desire for improvement, and perseverance through the toughest of times.

When asked what drives her to train and be successful, Stiverne states that she focuses more on the motivation to improve rather than seeking success for the sake of it. For her, loving what you do, will ultimately drive your ambition for success.


While remaining humble, Stiverne is motivated to leave her mark on Canadian Track and Field by adding to her national mixed relay record with some individual record times of her own. Her humility stems from her father (and biggest fan), who moved to Canada from Haiti as a child and provides Stiverne with a support network both on and off the track.

When asked about the influence here dad has had on her in sports & life in general, she says:

"My dad is my hero. He moved to Canada from Haiti as a child and found his way to a football field. He played football at the University of Miami and through what he has learned has been able to guide me to where I am today. Not only is he out on the track with me everyday making sure I get better, but he is a great support system for life outside of track. Whenever I doubt myself, he's right there telling me how much he not only believes in but he KNOWS that I will succeed." 

In terms of the future, Aiyanna Stiverne has simple goals: “Be fast and continue to improve”.

Beyond the cut and thrust of track competition, Stiverne is all too aware of the perks of being a professional athlete—from the travel, networking, and encountering many inspiring athletes along the way. She is certainly grateful for the opportunities she has received in the sport and is motivated to achieve more.

She has also made moves to expand her horizons by starting her own small business called NOIR LUXE CO. which she describes as a "beauty brand for every journey."


  • 4x Collegiate All-American
  • 2018 Canadian National Champion &  Record Holder (Mixed Relay)
  • 2019 World Relays Silver Medalist
  • 2019 Pan-Am Games Silver Medalist  (4x4)


She is more than aware of how important recovery is, since she trains on her feet for two hours around 3-4 times per week. Stiverne cites the importance of PROCUSSION, stating the recovery devices are the perfect tools to fall in love with the brand.

The key to her continued improvement and high performance on the track is Stiverne’s thorough recovery routine. 

When speaking about the PULSE Vibrating Ball, Stiverne says "I use the PULSE all over. I usually like to roll out all over my legs, lower back, and feet. I feel like my range of movement has benefitted quite a bit and I experience instant relief most of the time. Sometimes when I'm laying in bed and have trouble getting comfortable, I grab my PULSE and after a short session I can get comfy and go right to sleep."

This commitment to post-race and workout recovery has helped Striverne avoid any serious injuries as she continues to ascend towards her dream of standing atop an Olympic podium. 

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